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the Kingdom of the Winds

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ukwon is 100% done with his friends’ shit

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They forgot to include a toy in his happy meal.

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i got tagged

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1) Who is your Ultimate bias? Can I give two bias? Park Jiyeon and Lee Joon. But if I have to choose one, it’s Jiyeon. Yeah.

2) If you meet your Ultimate what would you say? /internal screaming/ Then, I would say thank you to her because she’s my idol and inspiration, and I love her, and she’s so pretty and talented. And I would say that she should keep going for her dreams despite the controversies and haters, because there are always who love and will support her. And I would ask for 3 things: a hug, a selca, and autograph. ^^

3) What was the first kpop song you heard? Sorry Sorry by Super Junior

4) What hairstyle did you like the best on your bias? Jiyeon’s hairstyle during IGCBOY, Temptastic, and Number 9 eras.

5) Has your bias influenced you in anyway? Yeap, especially with hairstyles. LOL

6) What’s the first thing that comes to mind thinking of each member of your favourite group?

7) Where would you go on a date with your bias? A date in the amusement park with Lee Joon! I’m sure we’ll have a blast there. 

8) Do you have a favourite fansite? Jingdot, Tiaradiadem, Kkeulim (leechangsun.net), Mblaqattack

9) What concept do you think would fit your favourite group well? For T-ARA, sexy but not so slutty-sexy, I really like their Number 9 concept. For MBLAQ, a fun and light aura like their “I Don’t Know” performances and also dark and sexy like “It’s War” era.

10) Favourite gif? There are sooooo many. I couldn’t pick one.

11) How long have you been a kpop fan? Since I was in 3rd year high school, so 4 years.


1. Who is your ultimate bias?

2. What personality of your bias is your most favourite?

3. What body part of your bias is your most favourite?

4. If there’s anything you want to change about your bias, what would it be?

5. What kind of role/character would you want your bias to portray in a drama/movie?

6. What is your favourite fashion style of your bias?

7. Describe your bias with the letters of his/her name.

8. If you would compare your bias with food, what is he/she?

9. What is your favourite song of your favourite group that is not a title track?

10. It’s your bias’ birthday, what gift would you give him/her?

11. What kpop item do you have that is the most precious to you?



if watermelon exists why doesn’t earthmelon, firemelon and airmelon??

The elemelons

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27/ pictures of Jiyeon 

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